Cell Phone Market Needs More Competition, Be Less Expensive: Poll

Canadians continue to have a love-hate relationship with their mobile phones; they love being able to stay connected irrespective of where these are, but they hate suffering the ongoing companies that bill them for the privilege.

According to The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunication Services, a non-profit organization which areas complaints about communications companies, 10 nearly,000 problems were filed in 2014-2015 from those who experienced enough using their provider.

And the biggest complaint is due to billing. A new Angus Reid Institute poll discovers 61% of Canadians feel their cell phone plan is very costly.

Canadians pay a few of the highest rates in the world; the big 3, Bell, Rogers and Telus, have all raised rates this full season.

55% feel there isn't enough competition in the industry.

The poll also finds just over 60% say they haven’t heard too much about a recent Canadian Radio Telecommunications Commission decision which will not require the bigger cell phone companies to enter into agreements with the Mobile Virtual Network Providers, that your MVNOs say curbs competition.

Only 14% say that decision by the CRTC was the right one.

Meantime, monday the CRTC will start a three-week public hearing in Quebec, to examine basic telecommunications services in Canada.

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